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Intalled OSX Tiger - But the Grey Apple (loader) hangs


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Here's the case :


Ive installed OSX Tiger with this manual


i did it all in Fedora 7.

My partitions:

HFS+ (6,2GB, flags: boot), LVM{ LINUX_BOOT(~MB, flags: boot), EXT3(~31GB, flags: lvm or smthng) }

Modified the grub accordingly.


Restarted and woila - Grub has MacOSX.

Started that up. Came that boot options part.

Didnt use any boot options for the first time.

Then the lightgrey background with darkgrey apple came with a little loading circle circling.

Then it asked username and password - in console.

Didnt know them and didnt accept "deadmoo" "bovinity". - m'okay -

Used the -s singel user mode to get rid of the password and .AppleSetupDone

booted up again and the circle is stilllllllllllll circling ... loading then i guess, but HDD light isnt flashing.


One time before reseting user/pass I tryed -v for verbose - then it told somewhere that some session or smthng ERROR - and then asked user/pass.



Edit: OKay- I've booted in -x safe mode - and everything works almost fine.

But whats the matter?! If i boot in normal then it hangs somewhere.

Here's my system log. I cant understand a thing :)

Normal mode errror: registerprocess failed (error = 268435459)


Whats wrong or should I wait for more?

Sorry for my english


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How did you get that system log? I'm sorry I can't help you with your problem, I have a similar one but I don't know how to view the log...
/var/log/system.log :D


Anyway. I read carefully when the system started up in normaln and i saw:

registerprocess failed (error = 268435459)

when the system starts up in safe then there isnt this error.

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