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Question: Copyrights, Registered, Trademarks and Web Sites

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So I am creating a website that will not only track development on both hardware drivers and software for Mac OS X but will eventually allow users to create requests for PC hardware drivers or a software application for OS X by providing a donation toward it's development. In addition, other users will be able to donate toward that project and as the total donation grows and grows, developer may take a more active interest in actually doing the work by getting paid. May try to tie in rentacoder or some other freelance sites. Anyway, I reference the apple name, Mac OS X, Macintosh and other terms I know I need to acknowledge in some way. What do I do, is it different for copyright vs trademark? What exactly does my website need to say to keep the apple legal dept. at bay? Maybe there is a better place to ask this, I don't know.

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