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Could not write partition map

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Hello Everybody


Trying to install OSX86 as a Secondary system on a IBM X40 AKA Multiboot, it is so small that it doesn't have a DVD drive so I'm installing through VMWare. I have 3 partitions 1: XP 2: Should end up being OSX and 3: IBM Recovery Partition. located in that order.


I use the second partition as the drive in VMWare, but no matter what I do it ends up with an error:


Volume Erase failed

Volume Erase failed with the error:

Could not write partition map


I have tried formatting it as NTFS, Fat32 and not at all, but end up with the same error.


I have tried to locate a piece of software that can format the partition as HFS+ but have not been succesfull.


I would really like to keep the IBM Rescue partition, which is in the end of the HD, since I cannot reinstall XP without it.


Can anybody help me?

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