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US keyboard missing from input menu


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I recently started my MacBook up this afternoon and came to find out that the keyboard had stopped working in OS X. It worked before OS X booted and it worked in XP Pro SP2. I worked my way around and found that the US keyboard layout in the dropdown input menu by spotlight was gone. I had the Japanese input type preset to be in the input menu also, and it went to the hiragana and katakana but not the romanji. Also, when I go to view the keyboard layout, it's all blank. The only keys that actually work are the F keys and eject key.


I was wondering if anyone could point me to a similar thread or if anyone knew how to fix this. The only program I installed between when it was fine and when it began to act up was the 3vix AVI codec, and that failed to install for some reason.


Two minor things that I feel are worth mentioning just because they may pertain: the dock icon for BitRocket disappears at certain points and my desktop loads completely messed up when I log in, no matter how I organize/set it before I shut down.


Thank you in advance<(_ _)>

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