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OS X Booting Problems.


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Hello guys!


The OS X installer Boots fine from the DVD (Both JaS 10.4.8 and Uphuck 1.3) and they both find my 40GB IDE HDD and install on it fine.


The problem comes when its time to boot the actual OS without the DVD. The OS X Drive is set as th first to boot from, but it goes stright to my Vista disk and boots from that. I booted into the installer disk again, the HDD was there with loads of files on it. I looked in the statup disk utility and the only thing that can be booted from is the installer DVD.


I have tried to boot with just the OS X hdd and that just goes to the network boot utility.


My Hardware is:


nForce 590SLi

XFX nVidia 7900GS

AMD Athlon 6000+X2

2GB Corsair DDR2 RAM



40GB IDE ( The OS X Drive)



Thanks a lot, any help with this will be greatly appreciated :2cents:

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did you try Acronis OS Selector + Windows partition as active ...

Acronis automatically recognize all oss on your hd,and allow you to chose at startup ..


i had the similar prob ...



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try to make your osx partition active using a third party software.


or you may check out my simple dual boot guide, so as you can pick up some ideas how to solve your problem.


also make sure to install the proper patches for your hardware, for instance, nforce sata patch or ich8r/ich9r patch or any other patches that your hardware might need.

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