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Issues with Tulip.kext


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I have never had trouble getting the tulip.kext to load before. On my latest series of installs however not once have I been able to get it to load. I have tried on JaS 10.4.7, JaS 10.4.8 and either of the previous with koolkai 10.4.10 update.


I downloaded the kext off this site and did the standard copy to the Extentions forlder deleted the Extentions.kextcash and .mkext files then repaired permissions. When that failed i grabed the source and compiled it myself hopping it was some sort of version issue or something.


When I would reboot or use kextload I would get the error "the following system extention was installed improperly and cannot be used"


The card is a Linksys card that I don't know the model but I do know that I got it to work with no trouble at all before.


If anyone can help I would be most thankful

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