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I'm a new user of the Forum.

I need to upgrade my poor old G5

I went through the OSX86 project and tried to build what should fit my needs.

I'm a photographer, and I will mostly use Photoshop, lightroom, Iview.

I also need to access all my Digital raw files (16Mpix) and have a safe storage system.

I was planning to install a Raid 10, but apple doesn't seem to work with it.

So I thought putting 2 1To HD, with one in a tray to remove it in a safe place.

The second HD would be software mirrored.

I though using a 500Gb and make 2 Partitions one for OSX and the Second for Window.

What do you think about it?

I was also wondering if it could be an idea to have a spare very fast HD.

Like a 10 000 or 15 000 instead of the 7 200 ones, to allow Photoshop to swoop on it once the RAM is full...

That's all about my questions.

I put bellow what I'm planning to buy. Any comments and feedback would be really welcome.


Box : Textorm 974 MB Pro Noir + Textorm dB Silent 500W - Boîtier Moyen Tour 83,57 €

HD Tary

Promise SuperSwap 1100 - Rack interne pour disque dur Serial ATA 82,78 €


Tyan Tempest i5000XT - S2696A2NRF (Intel 5000X) - ATX 375,42 €


Intel Xeon E5320 - Quad Core ! Socket 771 FSB1066 Cache L2 8 Mo 0.065 micron (version boîte) 417,98 €


Crucial 4 Go (Kit 2x 2 Go) DDR2-SDRAM PC5300 ECC Fully Buffered - CT2KIT25672AP667 (garantie à vie par Crucial) 322,66 €

2 HD:

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 - 1To 7200RPM 32Mo SATA II (bulk) 600,92 €


MSI RX1950PRO-VT2D512E - 512 Mo TV-Out/Dual DVI - PCI Express (ATI Radeon X1950 Pro) 150,42 €


Pioneer DVR-112D - DVD(+/-)RW/RAM 18/8/18/6x DL(+/-) 10/10x CD-RW 40/32/40x IDE Beige (bulk)





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