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reenable osx after hardware changes

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Hey all,


i had a nice and smooth 10.4.8 runnin untill the day i decided i need more gfx power for supreme commander,

well as you can guess from the topic i didnt check for osx compatibility first and couldnt start my

osx for weeks now.


i know there are no drivers yet for gf8 series cards, so i just would like to know what my options are

if they arrive.

I hope this question can be generalized and by this answers similar questions. that´s why I didnt post it

on page 39 of the gf8 thread ...


System accessibility now is:


i have access to the hfs partitions via transmac from winxp.


the darwin booting process reaches to the grey "you must restart" screen.


Is a critical hardware driver topic like this solvable by simply changing some kext´s later on ?

Or do you think i must wipe the installation and start a new one with the drivers already included ?


I also have the possibility to borrow the old gfx card back for a day to make the system run again ( i hope :) )





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