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Questions for NATIT supported in 10.4.10 with 8.10.1 kernel


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I say what I have done before questions.

I have QE/CI in my ATI X1600 Pro(71c2) with NATIT and a little mod of 10.4.10 ATI Driver.

But now,it still in experement.

I have use the original NATIT success to bridge ATIDRV.kext plugins to get changing resolution but faild to get detect monitor.

And I add my device code in ATIRadeonX1000.kext to get QE/CI.


Althought,I want to no modding any ATI driver in 10.4.10 to get working with my video card.

So,I have added device-id code 71c0 in NATIT to detected of 71c0 but failed to get QE/CI.

Is it only the right id in IOPCIMatch to get QE/CI?

And detecting monitor function is connection flag code?

How to setting it?


Sorry of my poor Enginsh.

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Kernel is really important for it's own frameworks and drivers. :huh:

So I use 10.4.10 native frameworks and drivers with 8.10.1 kernel and it works fine. :)


Natit just a program filling the lost ioreg value of Hackintoshs from normal Macintoshs to open display's function.(So I think maybe we can make a kext driver detecting devices from BIOS or driver itself to filling loss ioreg value in Hackintosh.I think it's possible to do it.)

Because of native io sensor and device sensor kext value is provided by EFI and Hackintosh still native in BIOS.


So we can provide these ioreg value filling to get work of video function.(two display support,monitor detecting support,QE/CI Support,monitor power manangement support,etc)

But these ioreg is hard to know that value meaning for.

And I find wrong chip but using the same driver kext will not work.

I think OSX is use another way to get function with video card not made in Apple. ;)


Can someone exchange the knowledge of these ioreg value meaning for?? :o

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