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Help with 845 integrated video - Extreme 2 and Build 1099


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I've been trying for about a week to get my Extreme Graphics 2 working properly with the 1099 build. I had manged to get it to work with the previous 10.4.1 however, it's a no go with 10.4.3.

It's apparent that the 830.kext is no longer on the image, but replaced with only a 915.kext and the appleintelintegratedbuffer.kext. Must one change these new kexts to reflect my device id? or is one supposed to get the 830.kext from 10.4.1?....I think I'm screwed. Does anyone have the extreme graphics 2 in an 845 board working?


To clarify - It runs in VMWARE..but when I boot native, it just gives me the usual grey garbled image.



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