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Problems creating a bootable install disc (windows


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Hi all,


I hope some one can help me with this because its driving me insane.


I'm having real problems using Transmac.


In the isnstructions for creating a bootable DVD it gives instructions to open transmac and goto options->show hidden files, then add the oah750d patch.


What is this supposed to mean.


When I first load transmac i get an error message saying that the drive door is open. So I'm asuming it doesn't recognise my DVD writer, though later on it shows up as Mac Drive

When I select show hidden files nothing happens.

When I double click on the Marklar-tiger iso from Transmac it takes me back into UltraISO


From UltraISO I can add the patch file so why exactly do I need transmac.


The other problem I have is related to the HD format. Does the drive need to be HFS+ or can I instal on a FAT 32 drive.


I've noticed that although my 80 gig HD is FAT32 it doesn't show up in the Mac drives section in Transmat. If I need to reformat it to HFS+ how do i do this when I don't have access to a Apple Mac


I've got loads more questions so I hope someone can help.



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