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Can't find Mach_kernel


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Hi All, Love the work thats going on here

I have a laptop that I installed Uphucks Universal 10.4.9 on tonight


the install goes fine and I installed the MacOS on an eight GB partition formatted and it seemed as though all would be sweet,


I haven't run an OSX install on this disk B4 but when I rebooted all I would get was the screen flashing an error


can't find mach_kernel


I am wondering why this might be so? any sugestins how to fix this?


The HDD still had Vista on it and really to prepare the disk all I did was convert an existing ubuntu partition into a mac partition and format it...... Would I have been more succesful if I had cleaned the whole HDD?


Any way I couldn't open a shell from the hdd and pressing F8 so i booted from the install DVD and checked if the file was there and indeed it was .... So I don't know where to go .............. :censored2: :censored2: :censored2:




thanks in advance


The hardware is an intel Core2Duo 6400 chip

Intel chipset

80gb Sata HDD

(It's an LG)


Oh yeah there are quite a few partitions on the HDD ----------- but these all existed on the HDD before I installed so I don't know if this is a problem



Cheers all


Thanks in advance

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No Go ------ I have selected the kernels tick box from the root when installing --- this adds a few kernels, only the intel ones though would this be the problem?


Using the 1.2 version of uphuck---------



I wiped all the partitions off of the HDD and am only using one partition for the install..........


So any one else got sugestions?


Stony you said that the kernel is usually located in /mach_kernel I gather that is on the HDD ---- am I supposed to copy the mach_kernel from the DVD to this directory on the hdd? why doesn't the uphuck DVD just do this???


cheers --- BTW i'm just asking these questions so that I can understand the why's as well as the hows --- really appreciate the helpfulness of the community :thumbsup_anim:

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Guest Ramm

If you can get into single user mode, type sudo ls when you're in the root "/" directory. Make sure the name of the kernel is, in fact, mach_kernel.

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ok well just to let you know that I have succesfully installed 10.4.3 without any hassels......... So i deleted that and tried to re-install Uphuck's 1.2 dvd


I chose only an intel sse2 and for a kernel Intel SSE2


When it rebooted after install - all i got was a black flashing cursor - not even an error


now I am going to try the universal kernal 2


Also --- When I go to format the whole disk on the 10.4.3 disk I choose the disk and choose erase, then choose the partition and then choose erase and all is well....


However when I try with Uphuck's it erases the disk alright but when I choose to erase the partition it comes up with an error --- saying it has lost communication with the disc do i want to quit the disk util.....


Is there a reasson or is this a known bug with later versions of the disc util


I just wanted to make sure the partitioning is bootable thats the only reason why I also choose to erase the partition (probably unneeded)


Again any help is appreciated


Cheers :D

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Straaaaange ----- but all is well now --- I formated using the 10.4.3 disc


then rebooted and used Uphuck's


Chose the universal kernel 2 and now my crappy old compaq with a celeron 1.7 and 512 MB is happy and running a 10.4.9 yaya :thumbsup_anim:


All is working now except for Atheros wireless any links greatly apreciated - I did a quick search earlier but i'm asking because i'm lazy



loving life cheers all


keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance_24:

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i just installed 10.4.9 uphuck and get teh "can't find mach_kernel" message.


it says:


Reading Config File (3x)

Setting boot-uuid to Blah...

Loading Darwin/x86

Loading kernel mach_kernel

Loading HFS+ file: [mach_kernel] from 4230240

Loading HFS+ file: [mach_kernel] from 4230240

can't find mach_kernel



Then goes back to darwin boot loader

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