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Vista + Mac OSX (but booting MAC with USB Flash)


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As you can read from the topic title and description, I have one x86 pc with 2HDD (320GB Sata).

I would like to install in the FIRST ONE the Windows Vista Ultimate. On the SECOND HD I would like to install the MAC OSx with the uphuck_10.4.9_v1.3.


Here the problem I want to resolve:

1 - I would like, when I turn on my PC that Vista will boot immediatlly, without any BOOT MENU.

2 - MAC OSX will be bootable just pluging a USB FLASH DRIVER before the computer is turned on. (so I need the content of this Usb Flash driver, too!)

3 - I don't want to see the HD that is used by MAC when I'm running Windows Vista.


Ok... do I need a miracle? :thumbsup_anim:


Thanks for all!!

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No you do not need a miracle. All you need is GRUB or any other bootloader like it. (all I use is grub so thats all I know).


You could plug in the first HDD (leave the second one unplugged, just in case) and install Windows Vista Ulitimate.


Once you are done, plug in the second HDD (leave the first one unplugged, just in case) and install OSx86.


Now you have one of two option, you could just use your computers BBS Popup Menu (press F12 at BIOS diagnostic screen) and select which HDD you want to boot from.




You could download GRUB, learn how to use it (skim and read the manual) and install it to either a USB drive, floppy disk, dvd, or cd. Then you would set your BIOS to boot from the USB/floppy/dvd/cd (which ever you end up using) first, and then your Windows HDD second. So whenever your USB/floppy/dvd/cd is inserted in your computer, you will get a boot menu to pick between Vista and OSx86. And when it is not, you will just boot straight into Vista.


Either way, it would work idealy, but the second way would obviously take longer to do, but you would get some good experience with a great bootloader, and if you ever decide to add a Linux Distro to your computer you would already have the bootloader for it.


But anyways Good Luck and keep on macKIN'

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