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Problem with upgrade to 10.4.10


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Hi all,

I am unable to upgrade to 10.4.10. I am running AMD, and when I install PascalW's 10.4.10 for AMD with 8.10.1 kernel my computer hans on start (diskrab problem or another). But I had first versions of PascalW's instaled ( version with old kernel) and it worked. So I am experimenting next and just I am runing 10.4.9 with new kernel .


So I can try install old verion of 10.4.10 update and change kernel manualy, but I loose this pack when I destroyed my system (maybe I am master of world in hackintosh reinstalling :-))


Anyone have PascalW's 10.4.10 update for AMD with 8.9.1 kernel?

Please help




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