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OSX 10.4.9 doesn't see my network connection.


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Hello there.

I've just installed Mac OS X 10.4.9 by Uphuck 1.3 and I've got same problem with network connection.

I've got two network cards. First is RTL8139 that works properly on Mac OS X 10.4.6 by Jas and a second one is "NVIDIA nForce networking controller".

I think OSX recognize both of them properly because it shows their MAC addresses and types correctly. The problem is it always shows this:

"The cable for PCI Ethernet Slot ethernet is not plugged in" but it very is.

Their green diodes shine. I have no idea why OSX doesn't recognize that the cables are plugged in.

Please help. :rolleyes:


I've just noticed that my post isn't probably in the right section. If any of the moderators could move this topic to hardware section I'd be grateful.

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Hi changs,

I had a similar problem on my dual Marvell 88E8056 MB, the fix for me was a little annoying.

I have to have both plugged in. It does not matter if the second is actually doing anything but it need an active link. Along the same lines, I *must* have the first card plugged in.

Unplugging and plugging also can make the link come up as active in the System Preferences.

Good Luck.

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