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Network reformat?

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Im back, i now have Legitimate copy of jaguar 10.2. I put the install disc 1 into the slot, and shut down the computer. I turn the computer back on and here the startup chime, hold down the c button and it just goes to the normal startup.


Now about the laptop, i bought it from a hs. This laptop was behind a school network, so it loads up to the "sign up" screen. You have to have a username and password that would be given to you buy the school. Im just wondering y the cd is not loading, or what else i can do to load the cd so i can reformat and and have the laptop working. The school sold it as is and it would be my responisbility to get it working outside the network. Just reformatting it should work shouldnt it??? Please advice as to y it wont load the cd or what i can do to get the cd to load. Or will i just have to purchase a new hard drive and install that and format that.

Thanks in advance for all the help guys.



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