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Disk Utility Not Detecting My IDE Hard Drive


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Hi Everyone,


I have searched google for this but did notice the same kind of problems on these forums, but has become something I really need to fix.


Current Setup: 74GB IDE Hard Drive 3 Partitions,

1x 32gb Win XP NTFS,

2x FAT32 for OSX (32gb) and the other (10gb) to transfer files between the 2 OSes.


On the ubuntu live CD and OSX86 (10.4.8), I have noticed both their disk utilitys do not detect my hard drive and wonder why. Can anyone Help? I've updated my BIOS and still not luck. I created my partitions using Acronis Disk Director and have followed this tutorial: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nNZi5fLpqus


Dell Inspiron 1501

AMD Turion MK36 2.00GHz

1GB DDR2 Ram

ATI Xpress Radeon 256MB (1280x800)


Dont know a lot about the Motherboard but CPU-Z tells me

Manufacturer: Dell Inc

Model 0UW744??????

Chipset ATI Xpress 200 (RS480) Rev.10

Southbridge ATI SB600



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