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Kernel Panic on Boot


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I've been trying to tri-boot my laptop with Windows Vista, Ubuntu Linux and OS X. Vista and Ubuntu work perfectly, but OS X refuses to play nicely.


I've installed it and I get a kernel panic when it boots, which is strange because I've had it working perfectly on a dual-boot configuration before with Vista. The install is 10.4.8 JaS and the partition configuration is as follows:


Vista: 30Gb NTFS - Primary

OS X: 25Gb OS X (Journalled) - Primary

Ubuntu: 25Gb ext3 - Primary


Ubuntu Swap: 1Gb swap - Logical

Data: 30Gb FAT32 - Logical


I've tried booting in Verbose Mode and also in Normal Mode, it still hangs. A photo of the kernel panic itself is attached. It seems to be just after it cycles through some kind of services - trying to mount partitions perhaps?


Any help appreciated :star_smile:



//edit: I remember I selected both the Intel 900 and Intel 950 options on the install (my laptop has the 950) but I wanted to be sure. Could this be the problem?


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