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Problem: blue lines in dark areas of the screen


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Hi everyone!


I'm currently using uphuck's 10.4.9 on the following sys:


- E6600

- Gigabyte DS4

- Onboard Sound/Lan

- Dell 2407WFP (24" TFT) - resolution: 1920x1200 (16.7m colors)

- GeForce 7900GS (non-overclocked) at PCI-E


I've searched a lot of threads, but I couldn't find an answer to my problem.


Whether I use Natit or Titan (two seperate installations - not only overwritten drivers), I get blue flickering lines in dark areas of the screen. It looks like a distorted picture, which you probably could get with cheap cable.

I hope you can picture it.


If you move a dark-greyish window about a lighter background, you can see the lines appear from out of nowhere.

I also had these lines with 10.4.8 (JaS release), but I thought it would be a driver problem and maybe fixed in the next release. :D


Working with this annoying behaviour is not possible ;)

In movies the screen is covered with this lines - they also seem to flash in a pulsating way.


I hope you could understand my problem.

I'm German and I haven't had English lessons for a long time.


I'm really looking forward to a little help :)






These lines can't be seen in screenshots. Maybe an overlay problem?

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