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After installing mac - Mac is grayscale


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I have these specs:




And I have 1 gig ram...


I successfully installed mac os x 10.4.1 Deadmoo image onto a second primary partition. Incept, whenever i load it up, (Using the chain0 method in windows.) the mac login and desktop and everything is colourless and is grayscale. greyscale. I tried to find an answer everywere and all i could find was the 8mb method, and it didnt affect the quality at all.... Its basically unreadable. Thankyou for your time and help. And if you can help provide a solution, that would be fantastic thankyou again.

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is it a Dell by any chance?


even if its not, this is a known issue and its to do with the BIOS not allocating enough VRAM to your onboard graphics.


i've no idea how to solve it, im afraid. if your BIOS gives you the option of changing the VRAM, try that.


alternatively, buy a PCI-E or AGP card which is known to work with osx86.


btw, thanks for posting the CPU-Z screenshot, but this tells us nothing about your motherboard, chipset, graphics card.....

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Thankyou very much for replying.....


Ummm im so sorry i forgot to add that...


MY computer:


Intel Pentium 4

2.8 Ghz

Dell motherboard, ( They sold us a cheap one which cannot have new grafix cards inserted) So if anyone knows were to get one, much appreciated.)

PS/2 mouse and keyboard.

Display=Chipset Intel® 82845G Graphix controller

I have the newest bios installed.


Ummm yeah, I dont know how to tell you the rest, and also. I deleted the partition with the mac os x on it, (The black and white greyscale fuzzy one) and then reinstalled it using VMWARE, with my BIOS already set to 8mb. And it is still the same, if anyone has any information or can help me in any way. Ill be sure to fund them...(Paypal) thats if it can resolve my problem, thankyou.



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