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Still waiting for root device error AFTER Install


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A while back I tried installing Mac OSX on my PC (DFI Nforce4 Landpart SLI-DR, GF7800, 250GB SATAII, AMD 3700+ etc)

With succes, but only when I used a IDE HD. But the problem is, my IDE HD is a old 5200 rpm slow and noise one.

There are allot of systems working with this spec/mobo+SATA so it should work, I can just install it fine, insert my DVD, boot install and done. But it just doenst seem to boot in Mac OSX using the SATA drive. I tried using those SATA KEXT a while back which didnt fix anything, I am using a pre patched DVD Pff 1 + 2 10.4.8.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,

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