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How to enable QE for ATI mobile Radeon 7500 on OSX 10.4.9?

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I install JaS 10.4.8 SSE2 on My Presario X1000 (Pentium-M Dothan 2.0G, ATI Mobile Radeon 7500 32MB, 1.5G DDR1 DRAM) for several weeks. I can enable QE (using 10.4.1 ATI Driver) and play DVD correctly (Although still have some trouble -- No sound for playing .mov in QuickTime player. Upgrade to QuickTime to 7.1.6 will make iTune and Quicktime player hang. And, upgrade Java also cause a lot of trouble).


So, I try to install uphuck 10.4.9. All the above issues are gone. But, I can not enable QE and can't play DVD. VLC and mplayer can't execute correct, too. I use the same method to turn on QE. But I still can't enable it. (But, it works on JaS 10.4.8)


Please help.

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Hi, I am having a simular symptoms, no doubt different problem with v 1.3 of 10.4.9 on my intel 'desktop board'.


I initially couldn't boot it with my nVidia MX400, so I pulled that out and used the video from the motherboard.

No audio hardware could be found, so I added a generic creative based card and it was happy.

But although I am not expecting to get QE running on this hardware without upgrading my video card, I can't play any video through Quicktime or VNC. I get an error message playing anything in quicktime, and have a blank video show up when playing a file, with sound, 10 seconds later it crashes.



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