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What should I do? Internal 500GB or External 500GB, I have 200GB Internal


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I'm currentaly running just Mac OS X.

But, I'm getting either a 500GB Internal SATA HDD on friday, or a 500GB External USB 2.0 HDD.

I'm wondering, what do you think would be better to do.


Dual-boot the 200GB hard drive I have now, with 80GB to Mac. and 100GB to Windows. Then, use the External to house everything other than the programs that are installed (So, things like, installers, music, movies, archives, etc..). Which, should I mention, takes up more space than the Mac OS X operating system and all the programs I have installed right now.


Or should I get a 500GB Internal, and use that for Windows, and use the whole 200GB (186 really) for Mac OS X.


I'm leaning toward the first one right now, because I think it would be easier to do that both in Mac and Windows. I'm probley going to end up buying another HDD anyways in the future.


What do you think I should do?

I'm going to work on a dual boot on my 200GB tonight, but I can always move that over in the event that I get the Internal.

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