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Plz help, I cant boot my PC with MAC OS 10.4.8

Master KEn

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Hi every1,

Any1 here experience my problems like this :


When I started to install MAC on my PC, it ran smoothly but after restart to boot up with my HDD. It showed a grey screen (with apple logo) and 1 color full cursor spin until it's show "You need to restart computer. Hold power buttom for serveral....." in sevaral language. I looked for information on google and some websites (even apple) said: it's kernal panic...bah blah. I did all long way try to boot up my system but unlucky, i still cant.


Here is my specs on my comp:


Pentium 4 northwood 2.4 (non SSE3)


HDD : 40Gb seagate ( I intend to dual boot by 2 HDD thru BIOS, easier way tho)

VGA : nVIDIA GeForce MMX 440

Keyboard/mouse : USB connection

MAINBOARD : ECS P4IBA2 (inel chipset i845 ICH2, on board Ac97 sound, and SIS network).


My system isnt friendly or something else wrong. Im newbie to MAC on Intel.


Thx alot and have nice day

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Finally, i found out why i cant boot up system, when i boot with -v comas, system stuck at nvidia graphic card and stop there. Now any solution for me, new VGA card ? even i tried follow to do same as macvidia.com but problems is i cant boot up, so how can i install these kent.... any1 here plz help me sort this thing out

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about graphic card, titan and nattit both recognise my vga card but now 1 more issue problems, i got stuck at login.windows...started. Then system nerver show anything ( I boot at -x -v option). Seems i must give up MAC :)


Don't give up.


Find and download Uphuck's Version 1.3 DVD of OSX 10.4.9 (try various torrents, demonoid is your best bet).


Try your install using that. If you still are stuck at the login window app, then Uphuck's DVD offers a choice during install to replace the default version with an older one that sometimes fixes that problem.


Good luck!



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