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Install Completed P4S800D-X...Issues.


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Got my Hackintosh done early this morning and it works wonderfully, besides the known issues with Southbridge and Mac [no sound or ethernet]


However I tried playing a movie and it gave me an error like this

Not able to find valid video device for video playback


This is using the default mac dvd player


One other issue I had was trying to get my SATA controller to work with this. Should it had recongize automatically or do i need to do something in order to activate it.


O and here are the rest of my specs

Socket 478 Mobo [p4s800d-x]

Celeron 325 @ 2.6 Ghz overclocked

768 DDR 1 Memory @400 mhz

Radeon 9250 [shows up as 128 mb Video in Mac, showed up as Radeon 9200 in setup]

2 IDE HD [2 40gbs one with mac and one with vista with dual boot using BCDEDIT]

USB Sound Via Irock Theatre Sound

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ok got drivers for my 9250 which have seem to fixed my choppy video, still have the mac dvd no video issue tho. Also went out and got a USB headset which works perfectly with my Hackintosh.


Will probably try VLC for the DVD issiues. Still for the bloody life of me cant get ethernet to work...any suggestions?

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