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uphuck 10.4.9 Abit FI90HD Board


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I assume the image is good as it verifys it but when it installs in the crash log it sais unable to mount root or somthing around that area even tho i made it bootable in the first place. When i first start it up in the text it loads everything loads the dvd drive loads the ram disks then loads crash reporter? somthing around that name im at work sorry guys, then it hits the blue screen and either gives me a crash report on the gui i can thumb thru or it go's to the install of osx and then i get the error cant mount root when its 1/8 thru the bar of installing.


I put the sata to achi it see's in in disk utilities formats etc make it bootable and so on but when it gets to installing osx86 it just wont mount the partition.


my hdd is a samsung 500gb sata 2 drive. also its like a 50/50 shot that it hits the installer other time it hits the crash log saying it cant put anything on the drive to boot.


it see's my dvd rom no prob but wont see my other sata drive unless its in disk utility but it wont use it then even if i format it htfs make it bootable etc. if i leave it on ide for sata in the bios it gets the waiting for root device.


anyone had these issues and can give me a hand on how to fix this im new to mac only used it since classic and id like to use it to replace vista if possible.




edit sorry might need more info


Video Nvidia geforce 8500GT 512mb

Samsung Sata 2 500gb

4gb ddr 2 667 ram

19in lcd samsung wide

lite on 20x dvd writer

abit fatality F190HD board


  • LGA 775
  • ATI� RX1250
  • ATI� RX700
  • FSB1066
  • HDMI� 1080i
  • PCI-E X16
  • Dual DDR2-800
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 7.1 CH HD Audio
  • RoHS Compliancy


core 2 duo e4400 @3ghz


anything else im missing?

Thank you in advance for you guy's help.

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