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I'm wondering, how could I install OSX86 when I already have linux and windows dualbooting on my dell inspiron 9300 ?


Could I just intall the tiger-x86.img on a single partition instead of the whole disk? Because I don't want to reinstall it all.


And a little question, Is OSX86 enough stable to run it for desktop use? Will I be able to do everything a mac do on it? If not what won't I be able to do?


Here's what I want to do:


I have the deadmoo image for VMWARE, I want to put it on a partition that I will create soon.


I want to boot on linux, to put the img file on the correct partition with DD, but can I?


And then, with Acronis boot thing or only with grub I will be able to triple boot between osx-nux and windows?


Thanks a lot!

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Apparently, you are a little behind on where the leading edge of the community is at. In the future, a little looking around the forum will help you with questions such as these. The whole DD proceedure is rather obsolete in light of new installers like Uphuck's 10.4.9 DVD. These give you the option to select your partition, install supported hardware before it even boots the first time, and install needed applications. The DD method is tedious, unnecessary, and if you end up liking it you'll have to do a lot of work upgrading to the point of being able to use some of the more advanced features that we have enabled.


OS X can be extremely stable on a hackintosh, depending on your configuration. Some support is solid, some is developing, some ain't really there at all. It all depends on what you have.


But, if for some reason you still wish to use your image that you already have... you'll need somebody older in this forum than I. I started with installers and never learned the ins and outs of that method.



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