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Toshiba p100-324 installation


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Hello to all!

I've bought a notebook (Toshiba P100-324) ... and now I've some strange problems...

Tried to install JaS Mac OS X 10.4.8 (kernel 8.8.1), from it's original disc - but dvd-disc doesn't boot ((( wtf? I've downloaded another one (russian mod?) and it boots, installs, but booting from HDD hangs at first try... (some kind of kernel trap)

P.S. I don't use windows ) and don't want to ) And I like CLI :pirate2:

About my hardware:

Intel 945M, Core 2 Duo, Nvidia 7900 GS, Anything else? can post dmesg here... or anything else

P.P.S. checked boot parameters: -v -legacy, tried to boot first disk - no luck, both disks use semthex kernel 8.8.1, tried to check which preferences are changed - saw nothing unusual (where i checked)... Can try to post some image of kernel trap error...

At first I don't understand how to make first disk be bootable like second... And this problem is very similar to make the installed mac os x boot... because it caused the same error some days ago... (shall try to reinstall today and play with preferences)...

If anyone have ideas what to check and to do - pls post )

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Found the problem - it's intel network card... Intel Pro/1000...

Trying to find what's the real problem (it says kernel trap - page fault - smth 'bout Networking.kext and IOPCI*.kext)... Downloaded driver from small-tree.com (seems to be for my card)

At all need help to make it all working...

Need some advices about audio, wireless, bluetooth, acpibattery, videocard...

PLS, help make network working!!!


P.S. Installed Titan.kext - just black screen of death with funny text "Restart please"...

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