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hp dv6375us

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I recently bought a dv6375us at frys and have been doing some experimenting with different configs. so far Vista premium oem, vista ultimate retail, vista just sucks in general . i had pretty good luck with Windows xp pro after finding all of the drivers and disabling the native sata support. on the hp website it has different hardware specs than what i actually have in my machine.. I got all the drivers for xp on the 6000t website.


I have the 7400 go says it has 128mb dedicated mem, core 2 t5600 1.83 ghz,


connexiant audio 2 gigs of ram, intel whatever 3945abg


I would like opinions of if i should use jas 10.4.8 or uphuck 1.3?


let me know. im currently downloading uphuck because it looks interesting.


I guess what i am saying is i hope that it will work and perform after i install because i really wanted a mac book and didnt want to pay for it :hysterical:

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I got a dv9347cl almost the same config in terms of what kernel your going to use...



I install the uphuck 1.3 when your going to decide whick kernel.... you need to check the first that appear...


Uphuck 10.4.9 intel kernel and this is the tricky part.... look down on the kernel choices and select intel sse3 -2 look the release date and select the oldest may something... i dont select anything else and get the system working....




Im telling you this, because i spend 3 days finding the correct kernel.....



hope this helps......


Also check this guide is awesome for dual boot....




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well no luck... tried 5 times and i think it is bombing on the file copy. i will have to re download (downloading jas version now to see what it does tomorrow). uphuck 1.3 tried all the sse3 kernels with no luck. just dies at 7% file copy and tells me to try again.


Later for now..

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