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Flashing 512MB nVidia 7600go Mobile Card


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Hey everyone!


I can't get OS X working very well with the included nvidia drivers (in the uphuck DVD) because i have a 512MB card. Quartz/Core Image arent on, I can only get 1024x768 resolution, and the graphics are buggy.


I found that if I flash my card a certain way, I could install Mac and have everything work very well. Any ideas on doing this for my card? It is a 7600 GO Nvidia 512MB. I don't know how to make a rom of my card to edit it either...


Also is it safe, considering its a mobile card (inside of my dv9000t HP laptop), so is it possible that it might be directly connected to the BIOS/motherboard, making it harder to flash?


Thanks for any ideas/help

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