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ATI X850XT with dual DVI output

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I'm trying to get my ATI x850 XT Platium Edition PCIe Dual-DVI device ID 5d4d to enable QE and CI.


I follow this guide for the Koverg installation but no luck.


1. Copy Koverg's tgz archive to your desktop and double click on it

2. Open the terminal

3. Enter "cd Desktop/koverg*" (enter)

4. Enter "sudo ./patch9700.sh 5D 4D" (enter)

5. Enter your root password (enter)

6. Enter "sudo nano -w /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeon9700.kext/Contents/Info.plist" (enter)

7. Press "Ctrl + w"

8. Press "Ctrl + r"

9. Enter "5B60" (enter)

10. Enter "5D4D" (enter)

11. Press "y"

12. Press "Ctrl + o" (enter)

13. Press "Ctrl + x"

14. Enter "

" (enter)

15. Enter "

" (enter)

16. Open the Disk Utility (Applications / Utilities) and click on "Repair Disk Permissions"

17. Reboot Mac OS X

18. Hope for the best ...



Any tips for me to get my card running QE/CI would be great. Thanks.

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I'm not sure if anyone else has had success with the same card as me, but is the koverg patch the only patch to get QE and CI working?


I've pretty much got all other hardware issues figured out, it would be nice to get this last one working.



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