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Via Rhine Network Interface Help!


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I have built-in ethernet on my PC CHIPS motherboard. It is ViaRhine II.


I downloaded the ViaRhine.kext and fixed it. It worked for about 3 boot ups or so. I then unplugged the ethernet cable that connected to my router from my computer. I then unplugged my computer power cord from the wall.


A week or so later I booted into OSx86 and my internet was not working. It recognizes my built-in ethernet port, but it continuously says "no cable plugged in" or something of that nature.


I have searched the forums and google for answers to this problem and I cannot find any. If anyone has a solution or remidy or suggestion or whatever could help please reply.


*Note: Yes my ethernet cable was plugged back in when I booted OSx86. I tried unplugging and pluging it back in during operation also.


***My specs are below in my signature.

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