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Aja Lse Capture card + FCS2


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Hello everybody :D

just a few questions so that i can take the right desicion.

I am wondering if i need to buy this capture card Aja Lse Capture card in order to work with analog video,(mostly Vhs, and some material from the satellite receiver through composite rca)

Here is the link to check the card http://www.aja.com/html/products_macintosh_kona_LSe.html

It is an expensive card and provides multiple I/O including 10bit and 12bit uncompressed. My question is if i really need to buy this card, given that i want to use the "ProRes" option that is included in FCS2 . (can i capture in ProRes using a simple MiniDV VideoCamera???

Also i want to know whether i can connect an external video monitor so i can always check the "output" . My camera that i use is Canon XM2 (3ccd) and is MiniDV format. The Aja card dosen't have any DV I/O but the MacPro does have 2.

And the most important of all, is that if i finaly get this card, will it render the sequence and transitions on the timeline, or is it just a grabber and lets the Intel Xeon "do the dirty work??" (i would prefer the card to render everything especially in Motion and color)!!!

I apologize for so many questions i have, these are my first steps with Mac Pro and FCS2 and i suppose (and hope) that you will give me the answers that i need. Finaly excuse my bad english, if you haven't understood something let me know !!!


Thanks in advance :P

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:) hi again and thanks for your responce

I dont know if i need to capture in prores 422, i dont know if i need HD material or Camera to use with prores. I only know that this Prores technology provides full quality colour because the signal is uncompressed, and is not comparable with the standard composite "very poor" quality.

But i dont know what i actually need, in order to capture to Prores.

HD camera?

HD material?

Raid arrays?

Or all of them?

I am confused !!! :rolleyes:

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