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imput remapper 1.0.3 on bootcamp 1.3 xp


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imput remapper 1.0.3 on bootcamp 1.3 xp



just upgraded to bootcamp 1.3 on my MBP and works fine i hawee the pretty vloume show on scren and brightnes eject shows on screen ..

-but i goth one problem and i hope it can be solved...befor With bootcamp1.2 and imputremaper 1.0.3 i had the function keys vorking just fine and i could ajust the scree til TURN of my BACKLIGHT with function keys...wich is good while im downloading at night ....( newer turn my mac off ) soo it was aa great function...now i cant do the animore :cowboy:

I m hopeing is a workaraund on this problem...couse i would like to be updated..but i would like to use it my imput remapper as i use to befor ....

if any idea..anibodei...i would really aprichhiate it...

sory for my bad english..


rG :police:

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