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head symbol to change user sometimes away


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hello guys,


im am new to mac and have some troubles with one thing.

i have a new imac with os x 10.4.

i have in the upper right corner a head symbol. when i click on it, it gives me the options to change between different users and to got to the login form without logging out.

espacially this function i use allot, to lock my display, when i go away from my computer.

after using this for severel months now, sometimes it happens, that the head symbol ist not there after boot up.

it comes back when i go to system settings an then to the user configuration. then i have to login as root. just after loggig in as root the symbol comes back again.


so now im looking for a diffrent way to get to the login screen, without logging out - just to lock down my desktop or to fix this issue.


has somebody any idea, how i get to the login screen without logging out? usually there should be somecommand to do this, right? proably i could do a workaround with apple script or something.


i would really appreciate any help.


thanks an all the best




ps: sorry, my OS is in german, so i dont know how all the different sections are called in the english version of osx. i hop you understand anyways, what iam trying to explain.

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