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Matrox DualHead2Go / TripleHead2Go

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Is anyone running a Matrox DualHead2Go VGA Splitter (Or TripleHead2Go)... on an hackintosh to extend the screen? If so, which graphic card are you using?


I've got two 1280x1024 TFTs, an analog DualHead2Go and an ATI X300-SE X. The ATI should definately be replaced, I didn't get it to work without mouse tearings and resolution change seems impossible. Best option would be a VGA card that natively supports extended display, since I already got a DualHead2Go, using it would also be possible. Any recommendations???




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when i start with osx, i made this trick with a Radeon X1600 pro and a dualhead2go

just type the new resulution into boot.plist

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Hello !


I have a hackintosh ( Gigabyte 965p-ds3, intel core2duo e6400 proc and geforce 7300gs graphic cards), with both video outs working in extended mode. Now i want to upgrade and buy a triplehead2go, as I want to have 1 video output into triplehead, resulting 3 video outputs, and the second video output - into another monitor - resulting a total of 4 displays.

I want to ask you if it is possible to use triplehead2go and the second video output from the graphics card in extended mode, also, and get a total output of 4 displays output, as I work in audio editing and I want to see as much of the plugins used in the same time.

Can you recommend a setup with multiple graphic cards that would work ?

Thank you so much in advance !



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