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Sony DRU-120C burner

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Hey guys. I have a nagging problem (about the only one I'm having with OSX86). I have a Sony DRU-120C internal DVD burner that works great with Toast...when it wants to. Basically, when OSX86 wants to find the drive, it will. But it doesn't always detect it upon boot. The only way it will is if I put the install disc and let it boot off of that, then it'll load. But if it doesn't have that in it (even if there's another disc in it), it won't always find it. Most of the time it DOESN'T see the drive. And therer's no way to have OSX "scan" for devices, is there? I have the same problem with Vista, but I can "scan for hardware changes" in ithere. No problems with XP. The drive is set to Master and I have a LG DVD-ROM drive as slave, and it always finds that drive. This is a new drive as well...I had another one go bad and sent it into Sony for replacement. Any ideas? Anything I can try? I haven't tried switch the pins and making the DVD-ROM the master and the Sony the slave...think that would fix it?

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