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[Feeler] My Hackintosh


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Well, after a $1,600 repair bill my car I have about $100 in my account right now... I'm considering selling my machine. Not going to part it out unless it all goes in the same week.


Core2Duo E6400 ES (Engineering Sample - 4 megs lvl2 cache, basically a E6420)

ASRock ConRoe945G-DVI

4 Gigs DDR2 667mhz Ram

XFX Geforce 7900gs OC'ed full QE/CI (with neo's natit installer)

200 gig OS X Drive IDE

200 gig Backup Drive IDE

Firewire Card

Firewire iSight



I've pushed the processor to over 2.8ghz and it was unreal how fast it was. It ran at ~40 degrees C under full load OC'ed. However, I've had since been running it at 2.43ghz.


OS X runs great on it. I use it as my only OS and I have full ethernet, sound, usb, etc.... It's a dream.


All of this will be sitting in a black Antec Sonata case that I get in the mail tomorrow.


Please, please, please, if you plan on offering below $600 for this machine, don't bother. On ebay I could easily sell this for much more.


On Geekbench 2, this scores around 4000. On SuperPi (windows version, running in Crossover) it gets a 17 second on 1M.


PM or aquanutz@gmail.com if you don't want to post in here. Thanks.



I also have a Sceptre Naga 21.1 inch Widescreen Display I can add to this.


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