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Some DD Problems

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Hi Everyone,


I have been trying alot lately to get the JaS 10.4.8 Patched Install DVD to install on my Laptop. I cant do it directly natively, but i can Probrably just DD the image onto my real disk. The reason i cant install directly natively, is because of my SATA HDD/120 GB/XP PRO. SATA Drives dont work with OSx86, so my last choice is to DD the image. Okay, so, i did DD the image using a MEPIS Linux Live CD, well, for some reason, it didnt work; the DD froze and i was left with an effed up partition. So i tried it again, and no luck. I have a feeling that the problem was with the distro itself, not my laptop. I am going to try it with an ubuntu live CD next, but i would appreciate some user input. Thank You!




My Laptop's Specs:

AMD Turion64 X2 TL-60 2.0 GHZ


nVidia Geforce Go 6150 256 Vram

nVidia nForce 430 Motherboard/Chipset

120 GB SATA HDD, Master

15.4 HDLCD WUXGA Screen

Windows XP Pro/Main OS...for now


Hope You Can Help!!!

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