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1440x900 widescreen on ATI 7500 32M Secondary Monitor?


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My Mac OS X 10.4.9 (kernel 8.9.1) runs on my ThinkPad R51 (1.5G RAM, ATI Raedon Mobility 7500 32M). I connected a Samsung 940BW monitor as the secondary monitor.


Now, I only use the 19' LCD monitor(the secondary one), it stretch the 1024x748 picture to 1440 x900, not the real widescreen with the resolution of 1440x900.




1.Can I make my secondary 19'inch LCD displays real 1440x900 on my video card? Which driver or software should I use?

2.My Mac OS X now works sudden slow after some time, the menu display, minisize animation become suddenly extremely slow, iTunes music piaying becomes very influent and terrible. If this happened, only reboot can solve the problem.

What's the cause and any suggestions? How to enable QE support for ATI 7500 32M? I searched and tried a lot with many previous posts about opening QE on 7500 but they didn't work.


Thanks in advance.

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