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Uphuck 1.2 or 1.3 and Intel Pro/1000 kernel panic


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I have installed uphuck's 1.2 and 1.3 DVDs and they run fine on my machine (specs down below) but the onboard network card is not supported nor is there a driver for it. I had found an Intel Pro/1000 PCI card and when I plugged it in I had native support for it. It is also listed in the HCL but whenever i begin to do some transfer over it within a few minutes (random all the time, sometimes 5min and sometimes a few seconds) the screen goes gray and it says to turn off and restart and as far as I understand that is caused by kernel panic. Whenever this card is removed the machine will run for hours (no network of course) and not crash once.

I also noticed that sometimes the adapter hangs and I have to use ifconfig to bring it down and than back up. At which point it will work for some time and crash again.


This was happening with 1.2 DVD by uphuck, so I reinstalled it last night with 1.3 DVD and SSE-2 kernel and the error persists. I don't know where the kernel dumps the log else I'd look there for error messages but I'm used to linux and /var/logs/messages but there is no such file.



Asus P5B-E with C2D E6600

2GB of Corsair RAM

X1950XT Video card




hmm, as i was writing this I remembered that my machine is overclocked and that the bus speed is increased which could cause a PCI card to malfunction, I will try again with normal bus speed.


edit: Above theory is proven wrong, just ran it at stock speeds and the same thing still happens.. Any suggestions?

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