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New OSx86 installaion - Network works... but does it?


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Hiya everyone! First post - go easy one me :)


I've googled this Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller as being compatable, and from what I can tell, it is! Although once I plug in the Ethernet, it appears to register DHCP, but the system... locks up?


At least that what it seems to do. The mouse curser will move, but if you attempt to click on anything, nothing responds.


Stats on system:


Intel Core 2 Duo T5300


nVidia GF 7900GS

"High Definiton Audio Device" (really descriptive Vista :thumbsup_anim: )

And of course the Broadcom.


I can list other things if needed, but what do y'all think the problem could be? I mean it SEEMS like it picks up the connection, but locks up when doing so.


If this has already been covered, I apologize. All help is apprecaited :D




EDIT** By the way, not to sound extremely stupid, but I wasn't exxxxxxactly sure where to put this, so if it's in the wrong forum, sorry.


Edit again!


I guess I should do a little more research. After disabling one of the CPU core's, everything is running smooth. Aside from sound, etc. :) I'll try giving those a go before I ask a question on it.


Appreciate it.

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