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My Hackintosh Work perfectly (for my needs)


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I have an original Macbook andI had a needs to have a file server and printer server and more.....(web server mail server etc....) so....I thought that kind of job was perfect for an hackintosh......infact it was so............(more or less, i changed only a network card)

I uploaded some photo below.



CPU -> PIV 3.4 Ghz 755

Mobo -> P5L-MX

RAM -> 1 Giga VDATA 1066 Extreme Edition Vitesta


Power Supply -> ENERMAX 400 W


HDD -> 1 MAXTOR 80 GIGA SATA (OS-X) - 2X250 GB MAXTOR SATA2 (Storage)










The wonderfull thing is that now me and my wife that has an winzozz computer we can use a Itunes shared library and film and more. Obviously I had to configure the samba service to permit her to access to hackintosh HDD.


All the best


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Hi Renatone:


That looks like a very nice system. Box looks attractive and small. I just found out about the Shared iTunes. I think it's a pretty cool concept.


I built my OSx86 PC last summer, and I'm very happy with it. I built mine on the 'cheap' for less than $400 for the PC. How much did you put into yours?


My OSx86 PC


--danyel :thumbsup_anim:

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The price for this project is about 440 € but I spent less because I had ram, hard disk, DVD-RW. I saw your project and I can say that is fantastic, wonderfull front row opened. A question: Your remote controll works well with front row? If yes what kind of remote controll did you buy? Thanks Renatone

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Hi Renatone:


I paid around $200 USD for the MSI mPC 915 Barebones and around $200 for everything else. I had an old 80GB Hard Drive lying around also. ;)


I am using Griffin's AirClick USB with Apple FrontRow and DVD Player. As a bonus, it also works with Windows. I downloaded Universal Driver that supports FrontRow on Griffin's Website. I bought for around $25USD from local CompUSA Store.


Here's Griffin's Website for AirClick USB:



Here's review from Playlist:



--daniel =)

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