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I am using macosx 10.4.9 & Final Cut Studio 2 to capture and edit video, my firewire port is reconized and appers in the system profile, but when I connect my Sony 2100 & 170 DVCpro, the system profile says "unknow device" and nothing happens, and Cam Not Detect in MacOS.


Why doesn´t work?


Is there any with the same problem?


Please help..


My System specs are is


Pentium D 2.8Ghz CPU

Asus P5GZMX motherboard



Realtek 883 chipset Onboard Sound

Marvell Yukon Onboard Ethernet

Via Chipset FIREWIRE PCI Card


All hardware work perfectly in MACOSX 10.4.9 but without Capturing I dont do anything in Editing in FCP6.


please help me................

please help..............


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So your using the Sony VX2100? Correct?

In FCS2, so fcp6 to capture video onto a Hacintosh running 10.4.9.


I have the Sony VX 2100. On an intel mac running 10.4.9. using FSC2. I can assure you that 10.4.9 will recognize the camera, in fact any osx running any fcp will. Im guessing it has everything to do with your rig.


Im afraid the only solution i can offer sucks for you unless your rich but then you'd already have one,,,Buy a Mac

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I have a Sony Digital8 Cam and have had no problems capturing in FCS2 on osx86 10.4.9. any issue I did have was because of a loose firewire cable.


in your capture settings what Device control are you using? Also it could be a bad firewire port. Do you have windows installed at all too? does the firewire work there? or do you have a firewire hard drive to test?


you could try getting a firewire pci card that is pc/mac compatible. And try that.


I hope it helps

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