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ATi All in Wonder 9800 Pro (R350), how to make it work fine ?

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Hello to everyone. Im still a bit lammy in the osx behavior :thumbsup_anim: im wondering can someone tell me what to use with the R350 i`ve tried some AGP packet or somethin but the it didnt help much it disaled the quartz extreme with was enabled automaticly after the osx installation and i desided to erase an to put it again clean im with 10.4.8

im not sure is this the right place to place this topic but i will be very happy if some moderator don`t just erase it and just to put it at the right board. 10x in advice to all how know how to help me

(the TV tuner is not so important at the moment but if there is a solution for him too it`s wellcome :( )

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