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HP nw9440 JAS 10.4.8

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system is working but how can i get my

- Intel ICH7 High Definition Audio Controller

- Broadcom Nextreme Gigabit Ethernet

- Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG

- a boot with 2nd core in bios enabled





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i did test and install the newer versions jas 10.4.9 and .10 with boot problems...


have you ever test a boot with both cores and wireless bluelighted button enabled?


I`ve installed the os with those devices off, but after install I turned them back on, so they worked(CPU cores) but WIFI never worked, I don`t think there is anybody with 3945intel working on macos. all this is for 10.4.7 but later 10.4.10 or 4.9 was a very unsuccessfull experience for me. I couldn`t get into the installed OS even though the installation itself finished without major problems

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Sorry, i did a mistake in my Posting...


With the information on the given site you can "only" generate a workin LAN for the Nextreme Gigabit Ethernet.


Here is a good "how to do" to get it working:


1. download the Zip (it always contains the HEX Values you need)

2. unpack it in System/Library/Extensions

3. start Terminal application

4. sudo -s (type the root password)

5. chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions

6. chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext

7. restart your machine


sorry for my bad english...

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