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Getting my x1600xt working in 10.4.9

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Well, heres the problem,

I don't know if you all have heard this before, but if you have, then sorry for repeating others.

I have a Sapphire ATI Radeon x1600xt 256MB GDDR3 PCIe.

Now, I can get it to work in 10.4.4/5 But, I cannot seam to get it to work in 10.4.9. I'm gonna try to get it to work in 10.4.8.

I'm wondering if there is any solution to this problem. The only thing that I want to get rid of, is the 1024x768 limit, and the mouse tearing. I don't care if I don't have OpenGL support or 3d support yet, as I'm not doing anything other than internet and music on my computer. But, those two things listed above are annoying.


Here is the topic that I used to get my card working in 10.4.4/5: {Borisbadenov Method}

I was wondering. If I get it working in 10.4.4/5/6 can I take the ATINDRV.kext, ATIRadeonX1000.kext and the ATIRadeonX1000GA.plugin I changed in 10.4.6 and put overwrite the ones in my 10.4.9 installation?


Or is there some other way that I can solve my problem?


I think that I may have figured it out now.


I'm looking into DiaboliK's X1600kext It says its for 10.4.9, I'm going to try it out right now ;).

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I got it to work. Everything is working flawless.

Thanks to everyone here for providing the best {censored} for Hackintosh.

I'm running 10.4.9 with full install of my x1600xt and my Ethernet card.

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