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It's worked!Vista Ultimate on parallels

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At last!! After trying to work about two weeks it's working :whistle: on my hackintosh.

A fresh install of Jas 10.4.8 with no internet connection on a 80g HDD(does Internet connection bothering windows to boot? this time i tried without internet.)

A fresh install of Vista Ultimate on another 20g HDD.

Installed Parallels 4124 then >> upgraded to 4128.

The default VM "my boot camp" is not working anyway, even if i use diskxsy method .

Created a new VM "Microsoft Windows Vista" , edit Config file as usual diskxsy and started and finally I booted into vista, but yeah you need to reactivate it.

Anyway anyone having software update problems, i couldn't update to 10.4.9 saying digital signature mismatched or something.

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