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Network Preferences crashes


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Whenever I try to fireup Network Preferences from System Preferences, the app crashes and comes to stop at the report screen. Happens every time, no matter how many times I try to bring it up. It logs to a "System Preferences.crash.log", which however, indicates nothing I can make out. Can someone help, please? Would posting the log file help?




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i found fix $)

cainedna.. Use the script I am posting here.. Put the folder wlan to /Library/Startupitems

and reboot twice..


Than, open /Libray/Preferences/System Configuration/Networking.plist and


change en0 -> en1 also <integer>0<integer> --> <integer>1<integer>




This should take care of your problem. Sorry this script should have been put into 1.3 will be fixed in v1.4

wlan.zip ( 2.26K ) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=12485

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Hi, I'm having the same issue.


Before aplying your method I checkd the Networking.plist and the integer and the BSD Name and IOInterfaceUnit correspond to en1 and en2 wich are my two network interfaces (RTL 8139 an BroadCom 4118) reported by ifconfig.


Both interfaces get reported by ifconfig.


I have aplyed your method any way, however I can't start the Network tab on System Preferences.


¿Any Idea?


- Thanks -

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My Network Preferences crashes also.



Dell Inspiron B130

Uphuck 1.4i (note: tried uphuck 1.4iR2 but this made the disk 3x slower... possibly missing DMA there)


(( OT: The older B130 tutorials might be JAS specific and not working with Uphuck?? If so this is a friendly request for someone to update these tutorials. :-) ))


This is a Broadcom mini-pci card, ID I've read is 4318

I've loaded that device ID, as noted in the older B130 tutorial

The Airport (empty) icon shows up

I've repaired permissions

I've not loaded anything other than what came on the Uphuck DVD

I did not need to swap en0 with en1 as some posts document... was already that way post-install.

System Profiler>Network>Airport Extreme (0x14E4, 0x5), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (, Airport is currently off


I got this chipset working in Ubuntu 7, but in OS X when I attempt "Network Preferences" it crashes the preference panel.


The video is slippery smooth, sound's off (but I don't care yet)... all I care about is wireless networking.


If I have to, I'll jump backwards and use the really old JAS releases documented a few months ago... but that seems like it would be a waste..

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