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Booting issue


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Hi, i am running 10.4.8


partition1 = Win xp (NTFS) primary

partition2 = Mac Osx (HFS) Primary with AF tag



Trying to do dual boot, and it doesnt work, tried every method, none of them work.


Tried Chain0 method with windows boot loader, it gives me the hal.dll error


Darwin boot loader doesnt load,



the reason for these two issue is:


- that windows doesnt mount/recognize the mac partition. how will it link the chain0 to that partition?


- the other issue is: that when i installed mac, i think the darwin boot loader doesnt load by itself.....it installed fine but when i remove the cd and try to boot from the harddrive, it just gives me a blank screen with blinking cursor, but when i put in the cd, and boot from there, the darwin boot loader loads, and i let the setup time out, and it goes and loads the mac, and then i can remove the cd n everything.



I have no idea why it does that.



I have searched the forum and every post, and no solution. alot of people are having same problem as me.



if you can find solution to the mounting the mac drive in windows, and loadin the darwin boot loader without the installation disc. i think this issue can be resolved..



Please help me out... thanx

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